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We fuel your marketing, business and trading decisions to grow, to save you money or to overcome competitors.

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In light of the financial results of your company, we assess the influence of your competitor’s activities and other external factors like financial inflation, COVID, weather etc. We can help you get ready to deal with specific situations that may effect your business outcomes in the future..

We will estimate what pricing strategy is most effective for boosting your market share or revenue. We also offer suggestions on who you should compete with and how much you should lower or raise the price of your products or services in order to overcome competition.

We will advise you on which of your products or services you should prioritize in order to increase your market share or income. We can also advise you on what type of new product or service you should launch.

Do you want to venture into a new market? Do you intend to launch a new product or service? We estimate how much money you should invest and what results you can expect from your new projects.

We can estimate the return of media spending for both online and offline communication including TV, press, radio, outdoor media, online banner, video and search. Knowing how your media operations, particularly those you cannot measure, pay-off is no longer a myth.

We examine whether you are currently running your campaigns with proper budget weighting and timing and suggest a more optimal rearrangement if needed. Additionally, you'll get recommendations for media tools to test out based on your objectives.

Not all communication efforts will have effects that are visible to the naked eye; some may function "quietly," but they can still affect your outcomes. We estimate not only the direct impact of media tools, but also their indirect (assisted) role, so you can see how they support your results.

Discover the quality of your media messaging and how you stack up against the competition. You can receive definite and factful advice on what you should communicate.

Do you want to find out how well your agency manages your campaigns? We can estimate how much of your budget is being spent inefficiently, and we will support you in making changes to achieve better results.

We estimate whether and how much attention should be paid to specific sales channels. You will be given a clear and factual assessment of the effectiveness of your distribution and any room for optimization.

We determine - right down to the product level - what kind of pricing should be applied to each sales channel. We also calculate the effect of price strategies used by your rivals on the sales of each of your specific items.

Do you want to know how your promotions affect your sales? We estimate how effective your current promotion strategy is and how you could improve it.

We can determine which factors influence your offline sales in a positive or negative direction. Find out more about how your in-store purchases are impacted by your competitors' offers, promotions, and other circumstances.

Using massive amounts of data, we provide you with one-time or ongoing analyses and counseling to help you grow your business, save you money, or outperform your competitors.

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Save money,
increase efficiency

Even today business performance cannot be measured precisely and most organizations still assume the effects on their sales or other results. Fourfourlab was created to fill the gaps of missing informations and give you a perspective where you can save money and increase efficiency

Future performance control

We do not guess unmeasured business performance, we estimate results by using applied statistics. As we model the past it is possible to take bigger control over the future events.

  • 150+
    Contextual factors to estimate your business performance.
  • 45+
    Years experience to analyze historical data and predict future performance.
  • 12+
    Aspects where the primary focus is return on your investments.
Reviewed and validated

by the Department of Marketing Research and Consumer Behaviour and the Department of Statistics of the Corvinus University of Budapest.


Full service analytics

We provide you analyses and guidance to help you expand your business, make financial savings, or outperform your rivals.

Professional consulting

Do you need assistance with your agency’s work or a project review? Feel supported and make use of our business intelligence!

Marketing Workshop

Keep your company up to date on the latest trends and discover innovative ways to organize and execute marketing campaigns.


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COO, Co-founder

Former Digital Advertiser
Data Analytics
ROI Optimization

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